The first report

From 10/13/2021

Hey guys.

I know everyone is worried about Michele. She needs your prayers.

Here is a message sent to a few close friends.

Hey. Just to catch you up. Michele is in the hospital with a diagnosis of leukemia (ALL is the type). Still
Many test to come to confirm and then begin treatment. We are at utmb galveston and in good hands. Tomorrow she is scheduled to have bone marrow test and lumbar puncture test.

We will know more on direction Monday or early next week.

Please keep close. Not trying to publish on the net or anything at the moment.

We are both scared and shocked by it but will get through it.

Everyone wants to know what they can do. Keep in prayers and thoughts and I am sure we will need more in the weeks to come. This is inpatient chemo so we will be here for several weeks minimum. We didn’t know when we left for the doctor yesterday this is where we would be but here we are.

5 thoughts on “The first report

  1. Michele and Mike (and family), I just wanted you guys to know you are being prayed for in MN. Mike, we didn’t get to meet in person, but I got to know Michele, Megan, and Jonathan in NC. You have an amazing family! You guys got this!

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  2. I am praying in the gap for Michelle and the family. God is an awesome God. He is a Way Maker. Keep the faith. Trust and Believe.

    Love you guys.

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  3. I’m so glad you have such a quick start to your treatment and love that you are journaling here. It will be great support for others who come behind you and will see positive results and how you dealt with everything. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I’m sitting across town as I write this at the Medical Center in Houston with my brother as he gets chemo for lung cancer. Luckily, my experience with previous BC helps him.

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