Chemo program fun!

So, my chemo started last night , and as I learn more I’m able to share. It’s 6 treatments over 3 days. Each treatment 3 hours. Most critical phase of my treatment. Last night 6-9pm, today 6-9am. 2 of them completed. In meantime , my wbc when up to 139,800 this am, from 110,700 yesterday am. Doctors are not too worried, they are drawing more blood today at noon.

I actually still feel better than when I arrived here on 10/13/21. I think I was sicker than I was willing to admit to anyone or myself. The good news is my potassium and phosphate numbers are high, this is good only because it proves the chemo is killing the wbc and when they die they produce these toxins into my blood. So now they are managing these other risks like kidney failure and giving me drugs to reduce and prevent this from happening.

I’m assuming I will start feeling worse in these next few days, and am preparing for it. So far we are good. And I am believing in Gods miracle over my life.

That’s it for now, I’ve been up since 4:30am, with over 10 doctors, and multiple nurses and techs and others watching over my care. It’s nap time for me now.

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