We arrive in Galveston

So after some ping ponging around medical facilities, we arrived at UTMB Galveston Hospital, Jenny Wing! The staff have been overwhelming here. More confirmation that this is what they suspect. We are now just on a journey to see what exact type it is.

Shortly before midnight, we were told we were moving rooms. It almost felt like a scene from a movie when the bad guys are coming and you have to leave now! LOL. We only changed floors. We are now securely in room 964. From the pictures on the blog, you can see our view from the room. Sunrises daily. View of the water. The Supply Chain backup in full view.

Michele and I, this is Mike writing, are adjusting to the situation. I can tell by the staff and their attention to the slight deviations in blood work and the efforts to keep her in a good place is more comforting than anyone can imagine.

Today, 10/14/2021, we have had a brain cat scan done. That is clear. Not the brain, just no signs of bad stuff. Soon we will have a bone marrow biopsy and a lumbar puncture. After years of watching House I am sure that it will not quite be the same. Michele is being a real trouper.

In the coming days we will be able to share the news with more people, including her clients. She has such rich relationships with them and this morning has been a bit emotional for us.

Thankfully we have exceptional staff and Megan and Jonathan to pick up the pieces as we have simply dropped everything and are focused on her care.

She will be writing post on here soon herself.

6 thoughts on “We arrive in Galveston

  1. Hi there! Thank you for sharing your journey with everyone. We all love and care for you so much . I will pray for your healing everyday Michelle. Keep fighting. There are angels around you!


  2. Mike & Michele
    I stand in agreement that Michele has and will have the strength to fight and beat this.
    I’m sending love, light & healing energy to you both as I stand in agreement with prayer that this too shall pass. Michele you’ve got this!!!
    Stay strong!! The Lord has so much more in store for you. Hugs 🤗 I love you💖 keep the faith 🙏


  3. My friend and mentor ❤ I am praying with and for you because gave me hope. Never stop! I can’t wait to watch you kick cancers ass. (Sorry, not sorry) God bless 🙏.


  4. M&M: We love you guys … I pray that in the midst of all the frenzy, you feel the love we all have for you. We pray over you both: for peace, for wisdom, for love. Michele is strong, and God has a purpose for her even now. Same for you. Keep blogging … it will keep us from asking constant questions! Love from Montana … Jen & Jeff


  5. Michelle I am so sorry you has to hear those words! A cancer diagnosis is so devastating, I know since I am a 4 year breasr cancer survivor. Scream, cry, let it all out, but give it all to God. He will see you through. Put on your big girl panties and kick cancers ass! I am here for you!!!!


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