Enter an Angel Jordan Fuller

Meet my nurse Jordan

This pic was at 5:45am today, as she’s turning on more chemo to help me get well. The dark black bag on top left of the medicine drip line, is the toxic stuff killing my cells. They cover it because it’s so dangerous. Jordan is only one of the many fabulous caregivers at UTMB. She has a servant heart, and truly loves her patients, as all of these kind people here do.

Day 2 of chemo and so far so good. I figure I best take pics while I am still able to. And before my hair falls out. Phyllis Domingue, come soon girl, you will need to color my roots.

Today I am just overwhelmed by the love and support of all my family, friends, work family, my amazing customers, and my lifesavers support team in the hospital. I dedicate this blog to all of you today. Don’t underestimate what one small thing can mean to someone. a word, gesture, text, phone call.

To Heather and Fitz, your videos to me, your prayers, your verses in the Bible, have meant so much to me. And as I read them through the days, I lean on him (God) to help me through. You are truly partners in life and a part of our family.

Andy and Jane Albright, your love and mentorship over the last 14 years, has brought us here today. Y’all have loved us through many of our challenges in life.

For all my agent team and staff in my office, you are truly a team I could ever dream to have. Always with a servant heart and always finding ways to help. Going the extra mile for the team, for our customers, and for our fellow team members, while we are down. You can always see the value of the team when one has fallen, the fact they pickup and run to help one another is truly the culture we have with this amazing and loyal group.

There are so many more people to list, and if you read the fb posts you too will cry as I have for these last few days. Cry because I never knew some of the impact I had on others, cry because I don’t think I’ve finished my work on this earth yet, and cry because I have future grandchildren that I must fight for to stick around on this earth.

If you have read about this cancer, and if you know me, I don’t sugar coat things. I am in the fight of my life and I know miracles can happen. And I will most likely be needing one.

To close out for the day, one more sunrise, one more kiss, one more good deed. Don’t wait to see or do them tomorrow, get them done today, because your life matters, and the more you give, the more you will get back, not in things, but in purpose. Find your purpose and start doing it today.

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