Day 3 in Hospital

My doctor says I have T cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, which is a more rare form of ALL, the usual is B cell. This means it is normally harder to respond to chemo. This ALL doesn’t know me yet. Don’t worry, God and I already talked about this, he’s gonna get me through it.

Chemo is starting in a couple of hours. It will last for 2 weeks inpatient, until they get the leukemia under control. My wbc is over 110,000 so I’m very susceptible to infections, so pretty much no visitors for a bit.

Depending on how I do, will dictate the next steps, normally I would come back every month or few months for 2-5 days of chemo. This disease may go into remission, but a full recovery or cure is rare. Again, y’all know I’m in the rare category. 😁

Following that, they will do more bone marrow studies and I may be on a bone marrow a transplant list in the future.

This is all for now. All of this can change depending on how I respond. I am ready to face my fears and move forward to fight and beat this cancer.

God has been preparing me for this day, and now it has come to pass. All of us have different hard. For the last 14 years I have had the privilege of helping others with their hard. It is a new season now, and I know this , God does not put you through anything you cannot handle.

My before hair loss photo, hair is overated anyway! It’s gonna be gone soon! And my wonderful hubby Mike who is fighting with me
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