Sun is out!

Hey everyone. I know it has been a while! We have been doing well. After our last doctor visit we were able to adjust dosages and restart our maintenance cycle.

Much like winter fading and spring invites. We have made it through another rough patch.

Feeling good and working.

The last 60 days we have been getting more committed to working better. Improvement in health and strength and improvement in our work.

We know that any one day of exertion can turn into a day or two of rest. This has been our most challenging to deal with.

The good days can feel like the old normal. Then…. I think we may be just getting older. But we are retraining. And training for the new.

We celebrate the feeling better. We are having less down days recently.

What is next?

We have been spending a lot of time with our new granddaughter, Bella. We try and take care of her once a week. She is both a handful and a joy. She is teaching us to slow down and enjoy the moments. The best moments are when we are just laying around with her and talking and taking selfies.

We have fits of excitement in reigniting parts of our business. Followed by fits of panic of being overwhelmed. It seems daily we go through this multiple times.

We are also finding friends that are on their own journeys with cancer need our prayers and support. I’ll be honest in that our own illness is exhausting and there are days that others challenges weigh heavy.

You are in our prayers and know you have the fight to get through.

The aging process

At soon to be 57 there are things they are hard to assign “blame” too. Is that back pain related to treatment or are you just getting old?

Venturing into the too much information category. Here we go…

I was chuckling this morning with a friend about how the “chance of pooping your pants as an adult is never zero!”

It is interesting because we travel a lot. And lately I have been traveling without a carryon bag. Just my backpack with a couple of changes of clothes.

For several years now, I also have a change of underwear in the back. (No comment on when that started. Lol) You just never know? You know the close encounters? (Rhetorical question). Soon enough, I can start carrying around those adult diapers and everyone will be like “yeah. Of course that makes sense”. 🤣🤣🤣

I know we are aging. I know we are not ready to declare it as “our time”. I know I still want to dance all night and wake up the next day ready to do it again.

Did I say next day? Haha. Maybe two.


We are doing well in managing life. Still taking it a day at a time. Learning to live with the disease and above it.

Bella and pawpaw

One thought on “Sun is out!

  1. Wonderful to hear all the Great News! God is good. And Bella is Adorable, enjoy every moment with her cause they grow up so quick.💕


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